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Plan Ahead and Align your Entire Team Across Multiple Locations

Employee Eligibility Identification Contactless Access Management Mask Compliance Detector Unified Audit Report Unified Audit Report

Keep your workplace secure by having employees complete health declaration forms every time they visit the office. So you can determine whether they meet your criteria and identify who is safe and eligible to come to the office.

Stay informed of your employee’s availability and locations so you can manage their work schedule and office visits. Effectively plan and implement multiple employee rotation strategies to make the most of your workday.

Broadcast important messages, increase visibility and align your teams across office premises, home offices, and remote locations so you can keep everyone on the same page and equip your teams to get work done efficiently.

No more manually monitoring employee sign-in and sign-out times. Get unified, real-time insights into work hours, absences, and employee commute.

Take the guesswork out of employee activity. Know exactly where your employees are, when they sign in/ sign out, what desk or meeting room is reserved for who, and who is complying with safety protocols and who isn’t – all from a single dashboard for easy planning across all facilities.

Ease Commuting Woes and Enhance Workplace Safety

Employee Transport Parking Spot Booking Visitor Management Employee Transport Parking Spot Booking

Make daily office commute easy, safe, and secure. Help your employees’ book office-provided cabs and get real-time information about their route – so you can reassure them that their safety, health, and well-being is your top priority.

Encourage smarter parking management and utilization. When your employees commute to work in their personal vehicle, they can now reserve a parking spot right from the WorkInSync app to save time.

Limit the spread of germs at the workplace with routine temperature checks and contactless entry/exit. WorkInSync’s QR-Coded Digi-Pass enables employees and visitors to access office premises without needing to interact with multi-use touchpoints in common areas.

Ensure safety in your office by monitoring whether employees are following safety guidelines. You can easily trace employees with and without masks across office premises using WorkInSync’s Mask Compliance Detector – so everyone can feel safe at work.

With our Unified Audit Report, you can get details of employee attendance and office space bookings every month – so you can make informed decisions and protect your employees’ health and safety.

Enable Your Employees & Visitors to Collaborate in Office With Ease

Desk Booking Meeting Room Cafeteria Slot Booking Employee Seat Management Visitors management

Enable your employees to book their desks with ease and view where their colleagues are seated. You can also reserve specific set of desks for specific teams and enable your teams to collaborate with ease while following social distancing guidelines.

Make your workplace experience frustration-free and flexible using WorkInSync’s Meeting Room Booking feature. You can help employees save time by enabling them to book meeting rooms in advance. With the option to integrate with Google and Outlook Calendar, always stay on top of your meetings.

Prevent overcrowding in cafeterias and enable flexibility in the workplace. Help your employees and visitors book their desired slot for when they want to visit the cafeteria.

Designate seats to employees and teams based on social distancing guidelines, monitor space utilization levels, and manage seat related billing for business teams to make your space more efficient.

Enable visitors to access your office premises with absolutely zero contact using QR-code based Digi-Pass. Get insights into who’s visiting the office; perform temperature checks and digitally register their temperatures at entry points to promote a healthy workplace.


Empower Your Teams to Transition
to a Hybrid Workplace, Seamlessly

Enable a safe and seamless experience for your on-site, remote, and hybrid employees. Manage multiple teams & projects, and safeguard your business continuity with ease.

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