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Set up your new hires for success and build delightful employee journeys from day 0, with a digitally seamless onboarding experience that significantly shortens the time to productivity.

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Moving to Tackelbox opened up our HR bandwidth by 30 man-days per month which is now being used for strategic decisions.

Anirban Sinha

Head Of IT

Moving to Tackel box opened up our HR bandwidth by 30 man-days per month which is now being used for strategic decisions.

Anirban Sinha

Head Of IT


Deliver A 5 Star Experience From Day 0

Personalized But Automated

Highly configurable workflows and A.I. powered automation to free up valuable HR bandwidth from otherwise operational tasks for things that really matter.

Seamlessly Integrated

Hassle-free integration between ATS, core and other enterprise systems that ensures seamless data flow across the lifecycle.

Remote Onboarding Made Easy

Make the right tools available at the right time, engage from day 0 & let digital reduce your carbon footprint – no matter where your employees are.

Globally Compliant & Locally Configurable

Design unique onboarding experiences for each geography while meeting local regulations and global compliance standards.


Be done with paperwork

Go green with Darwinbox and empower HR teams to show new hires why your organization is a great place to work, by making the first day about more than just paper-work.

Go paperless and efficient with templatized digital offer letters that allow for custom approval flows, version tracking and digital sign-off.👉 Learn More

In-built validations, auto-calculations, conditional fields, and interconnected smart forms ensure nothing has to be shared twice.👉 Learn More

Easily customize data fields and new joinee documentation requirements by country to be on top of compliances.👉 Learn More

Ensure day 1 is about more than just paperwork with digital policy and document sign-off in the pre-joining phase.
👉 Learn More


Automate all that “busy work”

Eliminate friction and turbocharge your onboarding processes with Darwinbox’s integrated technology platform specifically built to handle scale and complexity.

Make every stakeholder play their part with custom workflows that trigger the right actions at the right time to ensure your new hire is fully equipped.👉 Learn More

Seamlessly verify documents like Passport, Social Security IDs, etc. with A.I. powered OCR technology that auto-parses & validates authenticity.👉 Learn More

Auto-generate pre populated statutory forms (PF transfer, ESI declaration, Insurance policy forms etc.) directly from employee data captured centrally.👉 Learn More

Scale your new-employee onboarding with bulk initiation and data uploads, making the process faster and more efficient.👉 Learn More

Be it pre-joining or application data, directly import it to create a holistic employee profile – the single source of truth capturing every interaction.👉 Learn More


Personalize the experience, each time

Make your candidate journey, your competitive edge by building experiences that help capture attention and engage top talent from the get go.

Introduce the new employees to the organizational culture through videos, leadership messages, and handbooks.👉 Learn More

Assign a manager, mentor, or buddy to your new hires so they can connect, network and be engaged from day zero.👉 Learn More

Craft experiences specific to their role, grade etc. with countless options to custom configure every step of the employee onboarding.👉 Learn More

You’re only as good as the feedback you receive, so make sure to capture new hire experiences with onboarding surveys.👉 Learn More


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